200 13g Pro Clay Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case Review


The 200 13g Pro Clay Casino Chips with Clear pay aluminum instance is a ultra smart looking set of processors having its unique case. Called the Pro Clay processor due to their high quality look and makeup, making them look and feel as the chips found in some of the planet’s most famous casinos, this collection is the ideal pick for all those of you who desire to take your poker playing to another level. Whether playing quarters or massive pots at your weekly poker game this particular poker chip instance is likely to make you feel like you’re gaming in a few of the planet’s finest casinos.

The Chips

The 200 13g Pro Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips weigh 1 3 grams and are 39 millimeters in diameter. They’re created form solid clay with a metal insert which lets stamping. However, you wont feel the add on, these processors are merely as soft as those use and when used regularly will have on exactly the very same way as well.

You receive 200 two fuller chips at the group and these chips have been divided 100 white, 50 blue, and 50 red, though you can receive different colored chips up on request. These processors in the 200 13g Pro Casino Chips with Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips place, not just look and feel like casino quality chips but they sound like them as well.

The Instance

The case that’s contained in the 200 13g HAPPYLUKE Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips place looks ultramodern and very high technology. The base of the situation consists of reinforced aircraft aluminum which makes this type of extremely light weight and durable event. The inside of the case is lined with green felt and it has room not only for the 200 processors however also for 2 decks of cards and 5 dice also. The cover is manufactured from scratch resistant plexiglass that makes it easy to produce this processor into the envy of all your buddies.


While the 200 13g Guru Casino Chip Using Clear Cover Aluminum Case set could be really worth the $50.00 asking price as it is, the manufacturers of the set also have included 2 decks of cards and 5 dice making this collection perfect for many sorts of casino style matches. Everything inside the circumstance is beautifully and artistically displayed.

The chips are stored on one side of this case, the red and blue on the other and the two deck of cards and the dice easily fit in their particular distinct segments in the middle of the case. This really is a properly designed display which makes the whole collection more attractive to the purchase price.

For those of you who are looking to enjoy your poker playing into the next degree this collection of chips is the ideal means to accomplish that. The devotion of these chips that gives you the feel of playing at a real casino combined with the ultra hardy and modern display and carrying case will make you feel like an expert whether you have just begun playing are quite a long time poker player.

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